2022.8.3 Tesla Software Update and Release Notes

Tesla began rolling out its latest software update on Friday 2022.8.3. One of the first instances of the update was for a Model Y in Portugal, as noted by a third-party tracker Teslascope.

According to the hacker @greentheonlywhich frequently gets its hands on software updates as they are released, the release expands the use of the cabin camera feature to more countries in Europe.

2022.8.3 Release Notes

cabin camera

Help Tesla improve the intelligence of features that rely on the cabin camera by sharing your vehicle’s analytics. When enabled, data from the cabin cameras will be shared with Tesla if the vehicle experiences a safety-critical event such as a collision, or if the cabin camera functionality requires diagnostics. This data includes short video clips from the cabin camera to help us further develop future safety features and software enhancements such as collision avoidance updates. As usual, you can adjust your data sharing preferences by tapping Controls > Software > Data Sharing > Allow Cabin Camera Analytics.


Estimated charging time

Estimated charging times are now more accurate taking into account the current battery temperature when a vehicle is connected to a Supercharger or third-party fast charger.


Vehicle preconditioning

Vehicle preconditioning accessible through the Tesla app will now remain active for up to 30 minutes after a door is opened, making it easier to charge your vehicle without affecting the air conditioning.


Active phone calls

You can now hide your phone calling card, allowing you to see the next turn when the navigation turn list is covered. Tap the phone icon in the status bar to show the map again.


Support for new languages

Your touchscreen is now available in Czech. To change your language settings, tap Controls > Display > Touchscreen Language.